Sharman Mechanical Works

Cheese Dyeing Machine

Cheese Dyeing Machine

The consumption of water, chemicals, electrical energy, thermal energy and the wasted water are important cost factors in every dye house. With this machine all these factors are dramatically reduced, measured and controlled. Right-first-time in dyeing is now assured by lower differences inside-outside the packages, while savings of electric energy, water, chemicals, steam and compressed air.

Material Stainless steel
Brand Sharman Mechanical Works (SMW)
Capacity 10 – 1000 kg
Usage/Application Yarn Dyeing
Machine Type Automatic
Power Consumption 3 – 115 kW
Shape Round
Voltage kv
Phase 3 Phase
Model Name/Number SMWDY1
Operating Temp. 140 degree C
Steam Consumption 25- 130 degree C approx at 5 degree C /min ,steam pressure at 7 bar)
I Deal In New and Second Hand
Country of Origin Made in India

Main Features:

  • Capacity from 30kg to 1000 kg
  • Very low liquor ratio from 1:3 to 1:5
  • Savings of water, chemical, heat & electrical energy
  • Coil type heat exchanger for efficient and fast heat transfer
  • Design ensures complete drain of liquor
  • Pneumatic cylinder lift door with Heavy Clamp locking system
  • Hydraulic safety locking for door
  • Large Saving of capital and operational cost

This is our new SMDY yarn dyeing machine!

  • Yarn dyeing, reinvented!
  • 70% savings on electric energy
  • 30% savings on water, chemicals and utilities
  • Improved yarn dyeing quality
  • Faster payback times
  • Sustainable yarn dyeing