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Hot Air Dryer Oven For Textile

Additional Information:
Brand Starfish
Material MS SS
Voltage 380 V
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Max Temperature 140 Degree C
Country of Origin Made in India
Heating Gradient 25 Degree C – 130 Degree C Approx.
Item code 159794838

Hot Air Dryer is especially prepared for drying nearly all kinds types of natural Yarns such as Polyesters, Cottons, Viscose, Acrylic, Silks, Wool, Hanks and Cones.

Construction: Exterior has completed of completely protected stainless steel square pipes and packed with mild steel sheets with powder coated paint finishes. We have huge experience of more than 15 years in manufacturing and supplying laboratory hot air oven machine and dryer products.

Insulation: Dryer cabinets are completely protected with 50mm of thick glass wool for avoiding Heat Losses / Heat Leakages.

Door: Front doors open and insulating with 50mm thick glass wool and doors with silicone rubber gaskets for avoiding any heat damage.

Lock: Single door cabinets, coil and roller category handle has provided double door cabinets are container type rod locking assembly is providing for effective and protected seals.

Ventilation: Actual effective electrical De-humidifier activated with digital timers is providing.

Heat: Various types of heating devices are offering as per the requirement and suggestion like electric heating, heating by thermic fluid with fin types of heat exchangers and many more.

Technical Data :

1. Maximum design temperature 140°C
2. Heating gradient 25°C – 130°C approx. at 4°C/min. (Dry saturated steam pressure at 7 bar), approx. at 3°C/min with electric heaters