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Heat Exchanger For Yarn Dyeing Machine

Heat Exchanger For Yarn Dyeing Machine

Heat exchangers are vital elements in every process plant. While there are several additional important types of exchangers, the majority of them are the shell-and-tube type. The major categories of heat transfer equipment are: 

  • Shell-and-tube 
  • Finned tube
  • Bare tube
  • Plate-and-frame
  • Spiral
  • Plate coil

To understand the concept of heat exchanger for dyeing machines, let us understand the anatomy of a dyeing machine first. The main features of the dyeing machine are:

  1. The fabric, which remains in rope form in the dyeing machine during the dyeing process. 
  2. Heating and cooling of the dyebath, performed by the heat exchanger.
  3. Additions (chemicals and dyestuffs), added through the feeding container. 

Impact Of Heat Exchanger For Dyeing Machine

The dyeing process involves the use of high temperatures for bleaching, dyeing, and hot rinsing. The heat exchanger for dyeing machines provides these hot temperatures by heating the dye bath using steam.  The high-temperature discharge (or hot waste water) would consist of all waste water from the dyeing machine having a temperature of 700C to 980C. It can be used to preheat the freshwater from the water mains, through a heat exchanger, before it is used for the dyeing purposes. On average, through 24 hours and taking into consideration that there are no significant changes in dyed fabric color, the amount of hot wastewater going into the heat exchanger would be equal to the amount of freshwater passing through it.

The heat exchanger for dyeing machines influences the overall system size and system efficiency The heat exchanger designs must balance between pressure drop and heat exchanger effectiveness to achieve the desired tradeoff between system size system efficiency. This tradeoff between system efficiency and system size varies with each energy conversion system application.

Why Choose SMW Dyeing For Your Heat Exchanger?

Mr. Shri Ram Sharma, a Mechanical engineer with more than 3 decades of experience in the Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Industry established SMW India, in 1967.  SMW India deals in textile machinery, while also providing consulting services in the field. If you are looking for a trustworthy place to buy your dyeing machine equipment from, look no further.  SMW strives to provide the best machines and deals to our clients, with unparalleled after-sales support and services. Our skillful technicians are able to help clients in operating guidance, installation, and maintenance. The SMW group abides by the International Standards of quality control and safety in every step of manufacturing, design, and assembly.


Benefits Of Having A Heat Exchanger For Dyeing Machine Installed From SMW Dyeing

  • Low maintenance costs.
  • High working pressure.
  • High working temperatures: During the polyester dyeing process, HT drains at 130°C for oligomers elimination.
  • High efficiency: The narrow gaps and pressed plate patterns allow for very high turbulence at relatively low fluid velocity. This results in very high heat transfer coefficients combined with counter-directional flow. 
  • Processing of particulate or fiber products: reduces the loss of yarn. 
  • High security in aseptic processes.
  • Easy inspection and disassembly.
  • Easy to enlarge.
Material Mild Steel
Brand IR
Country of Origin Made in India
Material Grade SS316
Operating Temperature 275 Degree C
Inlet Temperature 95 Degree C
  1. Multiple pots on single table which cover less area 2. Compact arrangement of SMW turbo pump, heat exchanger and piping is the main key to floor space saving