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Horizontal dyeing system

* Saving Energy and Resources
Low liquor system saves process water, cooling water, stream, chemicals, dyestuffs and electric power. About 30 min form 25°C up to 140°C, about 20 min form 140°C down to 80°C.

* Wide application
This is a universal application machine which may accomplish various treatments such as bleaching dyeing and scouring etc.

* Special Pump
Special designed pump is centrifugal type, high head and large flow rate.

* Easy and Safe Operation
Door opening and closing all use automatic aricylinder operation. Temperature and time can be set optionally by electric control panel. Auto or semiauto can be chosen optionally. Easy for operation.

HT-HP type cheese dyeing machine is a pneumatically controlled, high temperature, high pressure dyeing machine, it can be used with a wide variety of fibers (natual, synthetic etc.) at low liquor retios.

Our yarn-dyeing machines may operate in coordination with the following dyeing plates. Standard accessoried include two press-type cheese carrier.

We have a variety of bobbins readily avaioable to you, and may manufacture such to your own specifications

Horizontal dyeing system

Material 304 , 316
Capacity 10 kg to 1500 kg
Machine Type Automatic
Voltage 220 – 440 volt (v)
Phase 3 phase
8Wash Motor Power 10 HP
Country of Origin Made in India

1. Large capacity and short drying time, suitable for various fabrics cone, loose, zipper of polyester or rayon.

2. Very low consumption of stream and water for cooling, as the cooler is typically designed of a special liquid centrifugal.

3. High efficiency of heat exchange in capable of recovering of heat for saving energy.

4. Full automatic control system of drying ensuring uniformity without over drying or twisting proble

• PLC based touch screen panel.
• Fully auto mode operation includes Filling, circulation, dosing of dyestuff & chemicals, drain, operator call.
• VFD driven main pump.
• Thermo flush.
• PH Monitoring System.
• Online flow meter.
• Differential pressure system.
• Selective drain for heat recovery.
• Compressed air hydro extraction system.