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HT/HP Multi Pot Sample Dyeing

HT/HP Multi Pot Sample Dyeing

SMW Multi Pot Sample Dyeing Machine is ideal to run 2, 4, 6, & 8 Pots coupled to each other, dyeing yarns of same colour or running individually to facilitate dyeing yarn of different colours simultaneously. This is very useful for standardizing the recipes of dyeing before batches are taken in bulk. This avoids trial and error methods, hence saves time and resources utilized. Each pot has a range from 100 gms. To 1.5 kg. per batch as per the requirement. The apparatus allows sampling trails in laboratory. Each vessel can be charged with different type of materials. Each kier has its own pump and controller. Main feature of this machine is a perfect reproducibility from laboratory to bulk production. The machines are available with different levels of automations. The machine is suitable for dyeing of Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Nylon, Acrylic, Texturized, Silk, Wool, etc. in various forms like Cone, Tape, Narrow Fabrics, Zipper, Hanks, Ribbons, Tops & Loose Fiber..

Material 304,316
Capacity 1kg to 5kg
Usage/Application Textile Dyeing
Machine Type Automatic
Brand SMW
Voltage 440
Phase 3phase
Material Grade 316

Technical Specification :

Type of Fibers / Fabric : Silk, Polyester, Light weight cotton, Wool etc.
Maximum working temperature : 150°C
Maximum working pressure : 6 kg
Heating Rate : Low temperature 2°C / High temperature 1°C
Cooling Rate : Water cooling system
MOC : SS316
Capacity : to 300gms
Panel Board : Fully automatic
Application :  For sampling number of yarns seperately in one machine

1. Machine body & all parts coming into contact with the dye liquor are made of AISI SS 316Ti/316L, highly corrosion resistant
2. Turbo pump for liquor circulation (In-Out & Out-In) with Inverter drive for varying speed
4. MLR of 1:4 to 1:16
5. Air pad system to insert air manually into the machine to create static pressure and to minimize the liquor ratio
6. Colour addition tank with Injection Pump for dozing the dye liquor into the machine
7. High efficient heat exchanger which has no heat loss to the ambient (Optional)
8. HT Drain – the machine can be drained at 130° C
9. Pneumatically operated front door locking / unlocking
10. Human/Machine safety interlocks