Sharman Mechanical Works



Material ss 304 , 316
Capacity 5 – 1500 kg
Machine Type Automatic
Shape Round
Voltage 440v
Phase 3 Phase
Model Name/Number SMDYF1
Operating Temp. 25- 130 degree C approx at 5 degree C /min. (Dry Saturated steam pressure at 7 bar)
Number Of Tubes 1
I Deal In New Only
Country of Origin Made in India

SMW  Loose Fibre dyeing  proposes at least 2 different types of machinery:

– which is the traditional vertical kier dyeing machine suitable for all kind of fibre. This machine is multipurpose as it can dye also Packages, Tops, Hank, Tow and Beams.

– the BigForm system, that looks like a vertical kier dyeing machine with the difference that the loose fibres are loaded into modular baskets of 100 kg, 200 or 500 kg each. These baskets are specially designed for achieving the best possible dyeing and washing performances

Every type of the above machines has its own characteristics so we invite you to visit the detailed pages of each type in order to evaluate which one is more suitable for your type of business.

We really had to reset all the information we had collected along more than 60 years of brilliant and experienced activity in the yarn dyeing industry and start thinking out of the box on something different, something that not necessarily had to be stuck with the common sense of the industry.

Today, after 3 years of industrial testing led by our Engineering Team, SMW  is finally ready with a new line of package dyeing machines that is the very essential summary of our devotion to both the community and the environment.

The contents of an innovative idea

 By looking at our new yarn dyeing machine from a distance, no one could ever tell it is fed up with such a ground-breaking and revolutionary technology: it is the typical vertical kier system made up of that same upper quality 316L stainless steel that we always employed for the rest of our production range. It has the usual pneumatic opening/closing lid on the top end and nothing else in particular could possibly draw attention to other “different” details.

Things dramatically change as soon as that distance will become closer, as many fundamental new components would become evident even to the less expert eyes:
main circulation pump is much smaller than what the industry is used to consider for a particular installed capacity and the new hydraulic circuit is definitely out of the ordinary.

These exquisite technical solutions will translate in few astonishing numbers:

  1. Electric load (Installed power) for main circulation pump is 70% lower* than what installed on our ordinary machine
  2. Liquor ratio is now set to 1:3,8**
  3. Average consumption of chemicals, steam and compressed air is directly proportional with a reduction from 20 to 30%

In addition to this, our new  yarn dyeing system will work combined controller that will automatically adjust all those critical parameters that a dyer normally needs to take care of: this will almost eliminate the risk of human error and will give the chance to focus the attention on other important aspects of a dye house management.

Our new yarn dyeing machine does not require any specific dyeing cycles, but the ones already used by ordinary yarn dyeing machines: the general approach will not change.

Even the size of the packages for each different fiber will remain unaltered and no particular configuration is required to achieve what this machine is promising.

*This is an objective information that could be easily verified by checking on motors’ identification plates
**This liquor ratio has been confirmed for the majority of the fibers available

What can be expected

 Right-first-time dyeing is now assured by even lower differences inside-outside the packages, while great savings of electric energy, water, chemicals, steam and compressed air will bring extremely fast payback times over the initial investment cost and a virtual higher 

Additional Information:

  • Production Capacity: 15 DAYS
  • Delivery Time: 15 DAYS