Sharman Mechanical Works



This is our new SMWDY yarn dyeing machine!
Yarn dyeing, reinvented!
70% savings on electric energy
30% savings on water, chemicals and utilities
Improved yarn dyeing quality
Faster payback times
Sustainable yarn dyeing

A great man once wrote that “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

S M W deals in textile machinery such as Dyeing and Processing machines.

The S M W group abides to International Standards of quality control and safety in every step of design, manufacturing and assembly. All machines are in compliance with local technical regulatory authorities. Certifications like IBR are provided according to customer’s requirement.

Further more, S M W operates under the standards of ISO 9001 since 2015.

Starting from what has been a brave reinterpretation of traditional yarn dyeing with the launch of the never-seen-before Vertical & horizontal machine during longtime  in Milan, SMWDYEING always anticipated times by implementing new cutting-edge technology, until the unparalleled productivity standards we have reached today, both in terms of efficiency and energy saving.

Last but not least, the deep knowledge of our customers’ requirements together with decades of experience, give us the chance to formulate an accurate prediction on how the dyeing scenarios could possibly change in the future, so that our quick response will always be guaranteed by professional solutions.

Imagine, predict, solve: our duty, your satisfaction.

  1. Electric load (Installed power) for main circulation pump is 70% lower* than what installed on our ordinary machine
  2. Liquor ratio is now set to 1:3,8**
  3. Average consumption of chemicals, steam and compressed air is directly proportional with a reduction from 20 to 30%