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Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Amritsar

Dyeing Machine

The concept of dyeing machines literally revolutionized the textile industry. Thanks to company HISAKA WORKS ltd., they began manufacturing the first dyeing machine.  A dye is a color that is added to the fabric that makes your clothes beautiful and radiant. A dyeing machine does just that. Dyeing machines are easily available in different sizes and qualities. SMW is regarded as one of the best dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar. They have operations across India which makes them a strong contender to an all India reachability. As per statistical data reports India is ranked the third as the biggest exporter of garments in the world exporting nearly 17-billion-unit year on year. Each of these clothes or garments are applied dye on. During the rule of the British, India was considered to be the largest cash cow milking out billions of units of high-quality garments. According to the lore, the weavers were asked to make their finest of creations, and later on their thumbs were smashed, there were taxes on the clothes, etc., to make sure that India stopped their production. 

Dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar

Dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar work on their machines to make sure that your clothes look beautiful. Is it just clothes? No, a dyeing machine applies colors to fabric, fiber stock, and yarn. Companies like SMW work on the apparatus machine to make sure the precision and quality of the work are not compromised. SMW is a company that houses trustworthy individuals that are highly skilled and experienced in the field of machine manufacturing. KRSNA group was the first manufacturer of the Soft Flow Dyeing machine from India which was displayed in ITME’99 Paris. Like in the olden days the dyeing process was done by hand itself until a decade earlier. By the time the technological boom grew so did a newer state of the art technologies. With these technical and technological advantages companies like SMW function smoothly. Each of the dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar has to go through a long and arduous journey when building the machine.  SMW assures 100% quality and satisfaction. It is said that every dyeing machine will need a heat exchanger, which is cylindrical equipment that prevents unnecessary yarn loss. 

The Actual Plight of the Dyeing Manufacturing Sector: Post Covid19

There are a lot of manufacturers that make this machine which was in higher demand a couple of months back. But are we facing a situation now? Is there downfall in demand? Since the inception of the pandemic, there has been lesser and lesser demand for garments. Dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar claim that they have been affected by the pandemic. A dyeing machine manufacturer in Amritsar will require a lot of raw materials to make their machine top class. And when the machine is sold only in fewer quantities. Unlike in Western countries, India does not have a culture of fast fashion, which makes it even more difficult for companies like SMW to survive in this pandemic. However, the good news is that since the economy has been revived, dyeing machine manufacturers in Amritsar are full of hope for a renewal in the demand and thereby more manufacturing and employability among the rural youth.