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Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore

SMW was established in 1967 and it is an initiated industry. We are leading Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore and suppliers of high-quality Textile Machinery products. We are delighted to present ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of Yarn Dyeing Machines, HTHP horizontal dyeing machine, Sample dyeing machine, HTHP vertical dyeing machine etc.  Our range of products is invariant and remarkably efficient. Dyeing machines are excellently designed under the strict supervision of our technical team. Our technical team is filled with talented engineers in the company.  S M W is an ISO certified Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore. We give 100% priority to achieve our customer’s satisfaction with timely delivery and zero-defect shipments.

Our range of products is wider. We manufacture various textile dyeing machines which are high temperature and high-pressure dyeing technology in India. Not only that but we also export and manufacture accessories of textile dyeing machinery such as mechanical seals, yarn spindle nuts and bolts, yarn dyeing carrier, etc.

Product Range

S M W manufacture and supply dyeing machines in Bangalore. We offer prime quality and sustainability of our textile dyeing machines. While buying these products you must know the specifications of the products and what products you want? Our product ranges vary but we mainly manufacture yarn dyeing textile machinery. Our products range includes various dyeing machines as following:

  • Vertical tubular cone dyeing machine
  • HTHP multi-pot sample dyeing machine
  • Horizontal autoclave
  • HTHP vertical yarn cone and zipper dyeing machine
  • Vertical tubular cone dyeing machine
  • Horizontal package yarn dyeing machine

Furthermore, the dyeing machine is initially costly, which is why when in need of repairing or changes a few parts of the machine is replaced with accessories like heat exchanger, heating coil, dyeing spring perforated, stoical Piller, gravity lock double locking with double gasket (50mm), spindle nuts and more. To provide our customers with high-quality products, we strictly perform inspections on the products. Therefore, S M W deals with Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore.

Quality Assurance

Emphasizing the quality of a product is very much essential for a dyeing machine. The concern towards the quality product has always been high. We are promising to provide our clients with the only high-performing textile dyeing machine. However, each of these machines is properly designed equipment that is supervised by our professional engineers. Moreover, after the complete development of the product, it is analyzed by our quality analyst and takes the proper initiative to inspect the machine strictly. As a result, products are inspected based on different aspects to ensure their flawless functioning and long life. Consistent quality is our commitment to you. 

Why Choose us?

We value our customers more than our profit motives and to provide their needs commendably. Our vision is to emphasize quality, innovation, and efficiency. After all, we have been in this industry for about the last 3 decades. We offer a customer-centric approach, high-quality products, business values, transparent dealings, and export. With standard quality material and economy, our professional experts design the best possible dyeing machine for your dyehouse. Moreover, we are the leading Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Bangalore.