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Dyeing Machine Manufacturers in Punjab

Since its establishment in 1967 under the leadership of Mr. Shri Ram Sharma - a mechanical engineer with more than 30 years of experience - S M W India has dealt with textile machinery, as well as providing consulting services in the field. Deploying advanced technology in view of achieving better results and improving the cost of production is a way of working in the textile sector. If you are looking for the best dyeing machine manufacturers in Punjab, your search ends here. SMW Dyeing strives to provide the best deals and machines to our clients, with unparalleled after-sales support and services. Our skillful technicians are able to help clients in the installation, maintenance, and operating guidance - and this has earned us the reputation of one of the best dyeing machine manufacturers in Punjab. 

Dyeing Machines

The machines aim at saving machines and promoting an environmentally-friendly dyeing process. Today there are package dyeing machines which are the most popularly used machines around the world for dyeing almost all types of yarns. These machines are automatic, economical, and give accurate dyeing results.

Yarn dyeing is done under high pressure (HTHP) and at high temperature in the package machines. There are horizontal high-temperature machines that have dyeing carriers with vertical spindles placed inside the machine with the help of trolleys. These machines do not need an elevated platform since they are erected at ground level, thus making the dye house layout and design simple.

Tubular high-temperature and high-pressure dyeing machines are also available, apart from the horizontal type. These machines have several or single tubes - each with an individual spindle -  that act as small dyeing vessels. It is also viable and easy to control as many tubes as required and the tubes can also be disconnected if required since all individual tubes in a machine are serviced and connected by the main pump. High temperature (HT) overflow/soft flow dyeing machines are also available in the market.

SMW - dyeing machine manufacturers in Punjab - deals in textile machineries such as Dyeing and Processing machines


The main intent of the textile sector is to save energy by employing these machines for the process of dyeing since the advantages of high-temperature machines are visible to manufacturers everywhere in the world. Countries including India, Hong Kong, China, etc. are exporting and manufacturing high-temperature dyeing machines to various parts of the world. The development and research with regard to HT machines have resulted in a new generation of high-temperature machines that are not only viable but also energy-efficient. The technical developments have ensured that the high-temperature dyeing machines are highly sophisticated with easy operability, perfect automation and control. This has ensured increased use of HT machines for the purpose of dyeing.

 Sharman Mechanical Works - the best dyeing machine manufacturers in Punjab - hopes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through timely delivery with zero defect shipments. The company morals emphasize on quality, efficiency, and innovation,  and gives prime importance to the aspect of quality in all the products/services that they deliver.