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Welcome To S M W

Established in 1967 under the leadership of Mr. Shri Ram Sharma , an Mechanical engineer with more than 3 decades of experience in the Textile and Apparel Manufacturing Industry, S M W India is dealing in textile machinery, as well as providing consulting services in the field. We strive to provide the best machines and deals to our clients, with unparalleled after sales services and support. Our skillful technicians are able to help clients in the installation, operating guidance and maintenance.  

S M W deals in textile machinery such as Dyeing and Processing machines.

The S M W group abides to International Standards of quality control and safety in every step of design, manufacturing and assembly.

Mission-2020-21 ( S M W )

To achieve 100% customer satisfaction through timely delivery with zero defect shipments.
To bring in best technology, upgrading the machine health and skill sets of our people.
To innovate and bring in the best designs through product development and through processes that add value to environment and society.

Vision (S M W)

To be a 1000 crore textile company by 2020 by emphasizing on quality, innovation, efficiency, creating a world class infrastructure, engraving culture of customer first, having highly empowered and enriched employees and to share knowledge and wealth for creating environment friendly atmosphere.

Quality (S M W)

Quality is of prime importance in any aspect of business. Customers demand and expect value for money. As producers of apparel there must be a constant endeavor to produce work of good quality. "The systems required for programming and coordinating the efforts of the various groups in an organization to maintain the requisite quality". As such Quality is seen as the agent of Quality Assurance or Total Quality Control.

Sustainability (S M W)

Technology is driving change across the apparel industry, and in sustainability, it’s helping ease company’s efforts. For one DNA technology is expected to be the biggest thing in supply chain and fiber transparency and traceability

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Dyeing Machine Manufacturer in India

S M W is a well-known dyeing machine manufacturer in India. We also manufacture machine accessories like yarn dyeing machine tape spindle, heat exchanger for dyeing machine etc. Quality is the prime priority, as customers demand the best work that values their money. Our range of dyeing products includes HTHP horizontal dyeing machine and HTHP vertical dyeing machine, HTHP Tubular dyeing machine, Multipot sample dyeing machine etc. However, S M W has a broad variety of designs and those are best in quality.

Earlier, the dyeing process was mainly done by people with their own hands. But, science and technology came a long way into the development of nation and industry. The industry is growing rapidly because of these thriving technologies taking over the place of a being. We are working on bringing our best designs and products that manifest a level of our vision more. Till date, we have finished 280 projects and are still increasing.

S M W assures 100% quality and customer satisfaction. Moreover, every dyeing machine needs a heat exchanger. We trade various accessories, most importantly a heat exchanger for dyeing machines. So, this heat exchanger is cylindrical in shape having multiple pots on a single table which cover less area. Also, this heat exchanger has excellent dyeing result and levelness that result in the reduction of yarn loss.

We have been in the industry for 55 long years and more to count. During all this time we have gained the trust of numerous people. These days there's a strong competition going on between dyeing machine manufacturers which leads the customer to get confused. Then there are few customers who are looking for best quality, assurance and satisfaction, which S M W guarantees to fulfil. Our vision and mission lead to a unique industry that demands quality more than quantity.

Dyeing Machine

"Dyeing is a process of applying colours to fabric, fibre stock or yarn." In other words, we can say that dyeing is a process in which a yarn, fabric and garments come in contact with the dye. Moreover, the presence of auxiliaries in the dyeing process creates the condition of the dyeing machine. S MW deals with these dyeing machinery. We assess new design and technology so that productivity increases. Dyeing is carried out to supply a particular shade by which it has to get a precise colour, the difference in shade is because of a different hue.

The machine which employs in dyeing or colouring of materials like yarn, fabric, garments or the other materials is known as a dyeing machine. S M W handles everything that relates to textile machinery and gives advising assistance in this field. Dyeing machines are available in all shapes and sizes. Accommodation of Dyeing machines is in distinct forms of textile materials. Further, it's the device by different industries for imparting colours. Various sorts of dyeing machinery are habitual to dye textile materials and this machinery is available in different sizes.

Dyeing machine is fully capable of providing efficient dyeing. These machines are what S M W manufacture and trade. So, the dyeing machine provides maximum contact between dye liquors and fibre within a reasonable amount of time, without causing any damage to the substrates. Machines are always fast that increases production. We are prompt to provide the best machine and parts to you so that it fulfils all your requirements. Dyeing machine reduces the cost of dyeing, labour cost, consumption of water, steam and chemicals.

S M W is a group of trustworthy people. We continue to maintain the quality of the machine, design, manufacturing and assembling all parts of the machine.

Yarn Dyeing Machine

The Yarn Dyeing Machine is a collection of machines which is made using quality components. These machines come in various sizes and styles. Dyeing of cloth and yarn is done on top temperature. Moreover, their checking is done on separate parameters, to ensure its quality. HTHP Yarn Dyeing Machines are used for acrylic yarn packages, nylon yarns, and other narrow fabric. This Horizontal Package Dyeing Machine is available from 100-500KG Capacity.

This machine has its own specification, for example, 380V voltage, 9-12KW power, certified by ISO 9001 - 2015, stainless steel in colour etc. Certainly, S M W manufactures and designs the best possible technology. For product specification and description just tap at the product on the home page. Yarn dyeing machine is a textile machine. In addition, it has some applications like Cone, Zipper Tapes, fibres, Hank and fabrics. These machines consist of a cylindrical carrier which has a perforation on its surface. On top of this carrier, there is a hook. Therefore, this machine is suitable for scouring, bleaching, dyeing and washing.

Technical features of standard version include Uniform Dyeing, Injector Pump, Reversible Pump, Low ML Ratio, Low Running Cost, Fully Automatic Operation, Horizontal, sturdy design & Tubular Concept. S M W team works together subsequently and provides the best machines as well as the deal to the clients. Above all, there are multiple machine accessories available that we sell, feel free to contact us and enquire about it. We make sure that the enquiry sent by the client closes as soon as possible with their consent. Moreover, these accessories are likely to be in use for future purposes. We have a team of 140 members in which there are professional technicians. These trained and professional technicians help the client in installation, maintenance and guidance of how to use the machine.